All services through all devices

It is the goal of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to provide all services and information through all devices. As each transactional system is brought online or redeveloped, teams will be challenged to deliver a quality, accessible user experience through any device in common use.

Mobile devices, in particular, are a key area of focus, as mobile usage continues to rise across all demographics and geographies.

Some applications and user experiences may be unique to mobile. Some native mobile applications, particularly those that take advantage of sensors (such as GPS and orientation) may be unique to mobile devices.

Developers are encouraged to use native mobile applications when required by the additional data that the mobile device offers, or if full offline operation is required.

All web applications currently published for the desktop should, at the earliest opportunity, be provided in a mobile context. HTML5 and responsive web design techniques are recommended (and supported within the UNLedu Web Framework). The UNLedu Web Framework is supported by the Web Developer Network, an organization based on collaborative, community-driven development

Mobile Announcements & News

MyRED mobile is now available through the Nebraska app. You can also access MyRED mobile directly on your device by entering in your mobile browser.